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 ALPEXPERT GROUP is a well known company on the Bulgarian market in the field of work-at-height by using the method of industrial rope access (RA).

 The company has introduced the system for organization and control of work-at-height developed and approved by the Bulgarian Industrial Rope Access Association (BIRAA) by certificate for competence.

 Our employees have trained in industrial rope access techniques, they have qualified to mount external thermal insulations and have finished all necessary safety courses that allow them to work at industrial and power engineering objects.

 ALPEXPERT GROUP works with a permanent staff and do not use subcontractors.

 The services offered by the company are in use for final costumers as well as corporate clients in the field of building, advertising, cleaning, industrial and power engineering sectors.



 ALPEXPERT GROUP satisfies the present-day necessities of the Bulgarian market of renovation of old residential and public buildings and turns them into new higher level of energy efficiency buildings. The company also maintains and cleans different kinds of building facades. ALPEXPERT is a participant in various projects in the area of the advertisement, industry and power engineering.

 The firm carries out trainings of people for working at height by industrial rope access. The company is а representative of the Luxembourg company FALLPROTEC for Bulgaria.

 Specific activities:

  • Mounting of facade insulation systems;
  • Manual and mechanical cleaning of building facades;
  • Assembling and dismantling of industrial and advertising installations;
  • Restoration of metal and concrete structures through sandblasting and hydro blasting;
  • Applying of specific anticorrosive coatings;
  • Cleaning of silos and other industrial facilities;
  • Inspecting of industrial installations;
  • Construction, maintenance and repair of technical installations;
  • Cutting and pruning of trees;
  • Lift and moving of heavy and even bulky objects;
  • Applying of specific waterproofing materials (hydro insulations);
  • Facades restorations;
  • Top slicing cover cavingaving;
  • External building repairs
  • Projecting and implementation of fixed safety systems;


 The mission of ALPEXPERT GROUP is to introduce a higher level of safety work at a height on the Bulgarian market.

 The joining of Bulgaria to the EU led to the necessity for unification of the teaching methodology and standards for work-at-height by rope access. In 2002 leading Bulgarian companies created Bulgarian Industrial Rope Access Association (BIRAA). The Association has developed a comprehensive methodology for training, organization and control of work-at-height by rope access.

 ALPEXPERT GROUP is one of the most active participants within BIRAA. The firm is among the first companies in Bulgaria that cover all requirements for safety work and has a certificate for competence.


 ALPEXPERT GROUP has introduced the European standards for quality on Bulgarian market. The firm has finished all its projects without complaints from its clients and has met the required deadlines.

 Since its establishment, ALPEXPERT GROUP has gained over 30,000 hours without ‘reportable incidents’ which is comparable with best European practice.

 The company has accomplished more than 200 thermal insulations projects and has cleaned over a hundred decars of glass, hanging, stone and decorative facades. Applying the methods of working at height our technicians have installed and removed several heavy weight constructions, as well as dozens of advertising billboards. The firm has trained over 140 workers for work by industrial rope access using the system worked out by the Bulgarian Industrial Rope Access Association.


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